Colour Clarity

What is in your Colour Toolbox?

When working with colour on a deeper level it can bring to light issues that you may not be aware of.It can also confirm your direction and uplift you.

Colour is so personal and that is why it is such a wonderful tool to help the client with their own journey.



Colour LifePath Sessions

With these sessions by choosing 4 of the Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles:

A story is created to tell you about the colours and their meaning. Your gifts and challenges. Where you are at the moment and the energies that you can choose to work with now and in the future.



Online Colour Birthdate Sessions

With these sessions we go into a combination of Numerology and Colour. When we do this we create your story in colours and numbers. We explore your birthdate and the current year you are in. This gives you a wonderful guide to energies that you are working with.

This package consists of a recording of the session. Also a written guide to the colours relevant to the session with space allowed to colour in and collect your own thoughts.Photos of the cards used so you can follow along with the recording. Included in this package is a 15 min follow up call. These sessions are from the heart, tailored to you. Hand-crafted with love.


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