This is something women genuinely feel at times. Usually in times of change in life’s milestones.

They might be going through a death in the family, a divorce or children have left home. Usually the most significant time is for women over 55 or when the dreaded menopause starts, I say dreaded because our society attitudes tell us that.

An example would be “Oh she is past it now!!! She’s having a hot flush! Don’t mind her.

It is outrageous
It is insulting
Also sexist.

Having been through all of the above I can say: there is no need to give into these stereotypes that are put on us.

Yes it takes work
There is no quick fix
It is a discipline

Some tried and tested things you can do to help you feel more visible are:

  • Sort through that wardrobe. Seriously stop hanging on to things that date you and are carrying emotional ties. A bit harsh! Needs to be done.
  • Find out your SoulStyle what you are really about. Not what you have carried along the way.
  • Colour Analysis for who you are now and where you are going.
  • Makeup purge. Yes all that stuff you have in the bottom drawer.
  • Self Care. Deep self care. Rebuilding all those amazing qualities that you have.

I am passionate about women embracing ALL that they are, no matter what age.

You deserve to look and feel good.

Time for you.

Wouldn’t that be a great space to be in?

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