It is always of interest how these colours come into being in the mainstream and filtrate through down into our everyday life.
Inspiration from above.

Pantone’s colour for 2019 is Living Coral.

Coral is a combination of pink and yellow. There is quite a bit more pink in the “Living Coral” as opposed to harsher versions of Coral that have come before.

Coral itself has a lot of meanings on different levels.. Some (and I emphasise only some) of these are:

love wisdom transformed, higher intuition, unrequited love, dependency, vulnerabillity, unresolved relationship

With the pink it is femininity, compassion, unconditional love, and self acceptance.

With the yellow it is anxiety, rational fears, as well as joy and happiness.

So if these are behind the coral, it looks like a lot could be lifted up in 2019.

I like to go deep, and unrequited love is such an interesting topic to explore. Love that has not been returned.

When you look at it on the relationship side, it is painful and it certainly can happen. However, if you follow it along the timeline of your life you might be able to see how far it goes back and how your own self worth and self acceptance came into play.

I find the coral colour helps to work through this.

It can help you come to a much better understanding. The Aura-Soma Coral products are wonderful to work with on this issue.

With this colour being around this year, it feels uplifting and hopeful. It feels a lot lighter than previous versions.

Hope, Joy, and Upliftment are in Pantones Living Coral.