Intuitive Colour Reading

Colour and numerology are used to give inspiration, clarity and direction


You will be shown the colours that are around you now.

On receiving your payment I will request some details from you and you will receive your reading within 7 days.

The reading will be organic and not computerised.

You will receive a recorded version of the reading and images to support the session.

Also may connect by Skype if needed.

“The Colour Birthdate Reading that I received from Dari Rees felt a bit like opening an exotic gift parcel from some faraway relative. Each new item that I ‘unwrapped’ had its own, special energy and opened new information, new perspectives, calling for my cooperation and engagement.  Some of the content I could easily relate to, in other cases not, but as things later unfolded in my life,  those elements from the reading fell into place, too.   I think that Dari has a special gift in  the way she is able to combine multiple techniques, skills and traditions with  her own understanding and spiritual relationship with the world of colour.”

Hannah Maria