About Dari

Dari has been working with colour professionally for over 30 years. Originally qualified by Beauty for all Seasons USA and is continually retraining. Coming from a background in fashion and furniture it was a medium that she naturally related to.

Her work has been focused mainly on bringing out the best in women and getting them to appreciate how by wearing colour they can enhance their lives. Also showing how we are all unique and regardless of fads and fashion we all have our own style expression.This has nothing to do with status or income, it comes from within.

For women In times of transition her work has been of invaluable assistance. When one goes through changes it is easy to loose part of one’s identity. Dari has been on her own journey also and has gone into deeper levels of understanding about colour.

She has 10 years experience as an Aura-Soma® Practitioner. Dari also works with Colour Tarot and is intuitively guided by the colours as well as the tarot meanings. By finding out about the deeper levels of  Dari is now passionate about helping women find the connection between inner and outer life through colour.

Dari is an Intuitive Colour Catalyst, Soul Stylist and Wardrobe Warrior. It is quite a spectrum. It can be helping to sort through a wardrobe, finding clients true style expression or guiding them through colour to reunite with their true selves.